A New 4th of July Tradition…Continued


Last year I wrote about our new Fourth of July tradition of doing  our own (Independent?) 4 on the Fourth.  Mike and I are looking forward to doing the same run this year, as well.  I also proposed the idea of celebrating the Fourth by doing other “fours”on the Fourth -swimming 4 laps in the pool, reading 4 chapters of a book, trying 4 yoga poses, doing 4 random acts of kindness,  catching 4 fish (which is Mike’s goal), lighting 4 sparklers…you get the idea.

Perhaps you’d like to give this “Fours on the Fourth” idea a try as well.  If you do, we’d love to hear about it.  You can leave a comment here to tell about your celebration and you can also post a photo on Instagram and tag us @runningfifty #independent4onthe4th.

Whether you enter a race, run four miles on your own, or try some other “Fours on  Fourth” we wish you a fun-filled, safe Fourth of July!

4 thoughts on “A New 4th of July Tradition…Continued

    • Have a great race! Thank you. It was nice to make this halfway point. Enjoy your journey :)!

  • Happy 4th! Since it’s a cross training day for me I started the morning with a HIIT/strength workout focusing on 4 muscle groups – legs, glutes, arms, and abs. I finished with a quick yoga session (10+4 minutes long). Matt is celebrating with 4 pancakes for breakfast. Looking forward to seeing what other things we can do in fours and seeing what you and Dad come up with 🙂

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