Fours on the Fourth

In my post just before the Fourth of July I suggested that it might be fun to celebrate the day with a variety of fours.  We gave it a try.

Mike and I started our Fourth with our new traditional “Independent Four on the Fourth” (i.e. we ran four miles on our own instead of running the local race that we’ve done for decades).


It was cloudy and cool when we arrived at Short Sands Beach in York, which was perfect for a July run.  We have chosen this route the past few years because we love the views and being there makes us feel like we are on vacation, even when we’re not.

Nubble Light is a highlight of the route.



These beach roses are a frequent sight along the course.

After our run, which felt great, we changed in the spiffy new public bathrooms at the beach and headed to the second most important part of our 4 on the Fourth run-breakfast at The Goldenrod.


It is a quaint, nostalgic restaurant and candy shop.  The food is traditional and excellent.


They are known for their salt water taffy which they make right there.


We returned home to continue our celebrations with Hannah and Todd who conveniently made it four of us enjoying the day together. The weather was not conducive to more outdoor activities so our plan to do four outdoor games did not transpire. But we began preparations for our evening’s refreshments. Hannah and Todd created these delicious sangria drinks inspired by Gimme Some Oven. Luckily we had just the right size star cookie cutter to make way more than 4 stars.





Drink photos courtesy of Hannah.  Thanks, Hannah!


Well, this one is my photo of the entire picture of sangria.

Four glasses were filled (at least once) with this delicious sangria.

Next on the menu was a fruit pie so I, of course, filled it with four different fruits-rhubarb, strawberries, blueberries and these perfect star apple slices leftover from the sangria stars.




The 4 on the Fourth theme concluded with the 4 lobsters that we enjoyed for dinner.


We were content with our “Independent 4 on the Fourth” and plan to continue the idea next year.

A good time was had by all (four of us).


Did you do any “fours” on the Fourth?



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