Fun Run for Charities-Montana

The Fun Run for Charities race in Red Lodge was the third race we had signed up for to check Montana off of our quest list. Our first one had to be ditched when our plans to head to Glacier National Park in the summer of 2021 didn’t actually materialize due to the influx of […]


When Mike tested positive for Covid days before we were scheduled to depart for Montana and Yellowstone National Park, I may not have been as sympathetic as I could have been. Of course, I was worried about him and made every effort to help him feel comfortable. However, I was also desperate to salvage our […]

A Whirlwind Tour of 4 National Parks (Emphasis on Wind) and a Real race

When we began carving out a schedule for our week in New Mexico and Arizona, visiting a number of national parks and other areas of interest was a priority. Mike had visited Carlsbad Caverns when he did a cross country trip in college and he was keen to revisit that park. White Sands and Petrified […]

New Mexico-Plan B

“If we make it there without a delay, it will be a miracle,” we laughed as we finalized our flight reservations. Despite exploring numerous options, our best bet to fly to Albuquerque for our February trip involved three separate flights. We’ve learned that adding connecting flights adds an element of “adventure” to our travels. But […]

Rocky Mountain National Park and state #42

After our time in Wyoming and before we went to Boulder to run our Colorado race, we spent a few days at Rocky Mountain National Park. It was one of the best parts of our trip. I’m going to save a thousand words and let the pictures speak for themselves (with a few captions). We […]

A thought for Giving Tuesday

A reminder about this post I had written in November 2018 popped up this week. When I read it again, it seemed even more relevant now. Thinking back to all the world has endured in the past three years convinced me that kindness is always timely. Perhaps you may be inspired to try some of […]

Sled Dog Puppies and Glaciers

I, of course, had heard of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race before heading to Alaska. But after an opportunity to meet Alaskan sled dogs and learn more about mushing I have become completely enthralled with the race. Reading books by mushers, getting up to the minute updates on last year’s race, and following several contenders […]

Alaskan Adventures Continued-WildFire!

This post recounts more of our Alaskan travels during the summer of 2019. fallen trees along the race course, and air-born canopies. We were ecstatic, famished, and ready to launch what we thought of as our “real” Alaskan travels. After refueling and rehashing our race we were on our way to Denali National Park. We […]

20 Verbs for 2020

As I contemplated the approaching new year and the beginning of a new decade, thoughts of what goals I might attach to this significant moment bounced around in my mind.  A few years ago I tried something new for 30 days throughout the year. The experience was entertaining and enlightening.  But not wanting to repeat […]

Celebrating 40 Years and 40 States: Skinny Raven Half Marathon in Alaska

As soon as we entered the terminal at the Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage, we knew we were in Alaska. Of course, that was where we planned to be but the surroundings instantly confirmed it. Even though our plane had landed in the middle of the night after traveling from Maine, we were mesmerized by […]