Celebrating 40 Years and 40 States: Skinny Raven Half Marathon in Alaska

As soon as we entered the terminal at the Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage, we knew we were in Alaska. Of course, that was where we planned to be but the surroundings instantly confirmed it. Even though our plane had landed in the middle of the night after traveling from Maine, we were mesmerized by […]

10 Reasons to Do A Quest

Doing this quest to run a race in every state has literally been life-changing. When Mike suggested it at the Philadelphia Marathon seven years ago we had no clue what an amazing adventure this would become.  We have become passionate about sharing our experiences and encouraging others to join the fun because we LOVE it! If […]

It All Started in Philly

The scenic, flat route that took us down Ben Franklin Parkway, past the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Boat House Row, and along Kelly Drive soon became a welcome part of our visits to Philly.  Since both of our daughters were attending college in Philadelphia we were making relatively frequent trips to the city from our home in […]

10 Tidbits About Us


10 Tidbits about Us 

1. We have been married for 35 years.  We met our freshman year at college when Mike instructed Karen on how to make the dorm washing machine start (push the quarters into the machine).  A pathetic story with a really happy ending.

2. We have two grown daughters who run, too.  Amelia is a veterinarian and Hannah is a fashion designer.

They are bigger now.)
They are bigger now.

3. We ran our first road race in the early 80’s and were amazed that we were actually not too slow.

4. There are two dogs, three cats, and two horses that live at our house.  And this is a small number of animals compared to past inventories.


Abby loves her big furry friend, Bentley.
Abby loves her big, furry friend, Bentley.

5. Karen was on the first girls’ track team at her high school in Massachusetts.  That was a really long time ago!

6. Mike designs sky lights for all kinds of buildings across the country.

7. Karen is a speech-language pathologist for young children and apparently gets to play games all day based on the toys in her office.

8. We estimate that we have run York’s Annual Four on the Fourth about 20 times.  It’s a tradition!

9. As much as we love running in new places, sometimes there’s no place like home.  We love our daily route.

Early winter
Early winter
Autumn view
Autumn view
Definitely worth getting up early for this.
Definitely worth getting up early for this.
Moonlight to sunrise
Moonlight to sunrise

10. Although we’ve done tons of races where we each run our own race, we now cross the finish line hand in hand.