20 Verbs for 2020

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As I contemplated the approaching new year and the beginning of a new decade, thoughts of what goals I might attach to this significant moment bounced around in my mind.  A few years ago I tried something new for 30 days throughout the year. The experience was entertaining and enlightening.  But not wanting to repeat that scenario I toyed with the idea of  twenty of something.  Read twenty books (a pathetically wimpy goal, I admit).  Or maybe go twenty new places, etc. Perhaps these goals would provide some structure and direction to my year but they seemed predictable and not especially inspiring.

As I mulled over these potential ambitions, the notion of choosing 20 verbs to guide, inspire, and mold this notable upcoming year took shape.  As I considered which verbs I would designate as my verbs more and more possibilities popped up.  I realized a single verb offered a number of possibilities:

reduce-my carbon footprint, my screen time, my waistline

try-bungee jumping (HIGHLY unlikely), a new food, to be on time

watch-a play, the sunrise, dogs playing in the yard

write-more blog posts, a letter, journal entries

The idea blossomed and I began talking to others about which verbs I could choose and how that would play out. I urged them to tell me what their verbs would be.  My husband was initially a tad skeptical about yet another of my weird ideas.  But he seemed to begin to warm up to the idea as we tossed out potential verbs and how we could add dimension to our year as we used them to  inspire us.

I am viewing this scheme not as an edict that must be accomplished but rather as a framework to enliven the coming months and spark some inspiration.

My twenty verbs are written on twenty separate pages in this little notebook.


As the year unfolds I plan to enter notes to record what I’m anticipating will be 20 entries per verb.  But checking off  experiences or listing a litany of entries is truly not the focus of this adventure.  If  keeping these verbs in mind as the months go by helps me to add substance, adventure, and focus to my year I will absolutely consider this concept a success.

Here are the verbs I have chosen for 2020.

Detailed Border New Year Poster


What verbs would you choose?

If you choose to give this a whirl I would love to hear about your experiences.

Happy New Year and best wishes for a year filled with contentment, adventure, and  peace.

2 thoughts on “20 Verbs for 2020

  • These are excellent verbs Karen. With all that is happening these days, I think this is something so many of us are doing more of. I know I am!

  • Thank you! It has been really interesting to see how my sense of these verbs has changed since the world has changed so dramatically. Be well!

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