South Carolina-Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon

Because we started our blog several years after we began our quest to run a race in every state, I have been adding posts about these earlier races periodically. Now that winter has truly arrived in Maine, I am happy to think back to our lovely visit to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  This was the first race that we chose specifically to begin to visit new states and we loved the experience.

The Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon was a fun, flat half marathon that finished along the beach. Information about the 2016 race indicates that the course now includes 5 miles of ocean-front running.  When we ran, the finish was along a winding boardwalk beside the ocean. Music and libations at the after-party made made it a festive finish.  Being able to stroll right down to the beach afterward was a bonus.

The race is known for its surfboard-themed medals.  Ours is also a hefty bottle opener.

myrtle beach medal


Since that early race we’ve been fortunate to travel to seventeen additional states.  Each trip has offered us unique running experiences, unexpected adventures, and an opportunity to meet many fabulous people.  As our quest continues we look forward to the next steps in our journey.

State: South Carolina

Quest Race #: 5

Date Run: October 23, 2011

The Bottom Line: This race offered a chance to do a fun half marathon in a vacation destination.  We welcomed having one more opportunity to soak up some warm sun in late October and to truly launch our quest to run a race in every state.

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