Try Something New for 30 Days-Eating Locally

Choosing to eat locally for my “Do Something New for 30 Days”  for the month of July was an easy choice.  I knew there would be plentiful fruits and vegetables from a multitude of sources. Early in July I went to our favorite farm, Butternut Farm, where I picked cherries for the first time.



Strawberries were still available, too.



We had already been regular visitors to our local farmers’ market but in July we made it a point to schedule a trip each week. I absolutely loved going from table to table filling my bags with top quality fruits and veggies.  Being able to speak with the people that had grown the food and knowing that we were supporting local farmers was especially satisfying.


Although much of what we bought was produce, we often added other items such as bread, granola, and some fabulous local bacon.  IMG_5177


Farmers’ markets were a major source of local food but we also took advantage of other options.  A co-worker sold eggs for a mere $2.50 a dozen!  I soon had a standing weekly order. Jumbo zucchinis from her garden were offered for $1.00 each. What a deal!

In previous years we have had a garden that has provided us with a bountiful amount of food.  Alas, despite our best intentions (and even some actual planting) this did not transpire this year. However, we have a hearty wild blackberry patch that provided us with some lovely berries.


My eating locally goal included eating out, as well.  Although I don’t frequent chains often, it’s not uncommon for me to pick up a coffee at Dunkin Donuts.  But for the month of July, I resisted falling into this habit.  Luckily, we have a fabulous local coffee drive-thru which provided a constant supply of superior iced coffee.  The baristas at the closest location always remember our order.

IMG_5115I am an avid tea drinker and I have loved switching to this local White Heron tea from Portsmouth, NH.


Periodically we do our long runs in nearby Portsmouth and New Castle for a change of scenery and a flatter course.  We have happily scheduled these runs on a Saturday so that we could incorporate a trip to the even more extensive Portsmouth Farmers’ Market.

IMG_5450 IMG_5451

This weekend while in Portland to visit Hannah while she sold her hand-crafted cat teepees and dog bow ties at Anthropologies’s Sit, Stay, Love event, I had an opportunity to go to the Portland Farmer’s Market.  I contentedly strolled through the booths packed with pumpkins, squash, flowers, and so much more.




At the suggestion of one of Hannah’s co-workers I sought out Kennebunk Cheesery and added two divine cheeses to my bags.

And thankfully, because I believe pumpkins are an essential part of autumn, I was able to begin my pumpkin collection at other booths.


Although not everything we ate was local, we truly made an effort to purchase locally whenever possible. I’m pleased to report that this goal has extended past the month of July.  Trips to the farmers’ markets are frequent and I consciously seek local sources whenever possible. I find myself choosing a route that will allow me to stop at tiny road-side stands where I pull over to pick up some corn or tomatoes and happily place my money in the honor system box knowing that my little contribution may be supplementing a family’s income and will certainly be providing my family with fabulously fresh and local food.



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