Winter Running in Maine

Mike and I have signed up for the Houston Rhythm and Blues Half Marathon in February.  Texas will be the 19th state in our quest and we are thrilled that Amelia will be joining us.  Running in Houston will also give us an opportunity to visit with family and friends.  We can’t wait!

For the past three winters we have chosen races in warmer climates so that we have a chance to escape the cold and snow in Maine.  However, that means that we are training in the snow and cold. But it makes us feel tough and that we have earned our trip.


Not all of our runs have been on snowy roads.  And so far it hasn’t been unbearably cold…on too many runs.


It has actually often been quite stunning.








Since we live in a hilly area, when our long run mileage increases we sometimes head to the coast to run on a flatter course.


We love the change of scenery.


One week when it was bitterly cold we saw only four other runners on a course where there is typically a virtual parade of runners and cyclists in the warmer weather.  But the next week it was about 20 degrees warmer and we encountered tons of runners and cyclists. We even came across these hearty souls who were out in their tiny wooden boats.  Mike called to a man who was just launching his boat to ask what they were called and he replied, “Frosties”…of course!


This weekend we were due to run 11 miles. After calculating the best time and route to run in order to encounter the least impact from an imminent snow storm we opted to run locally. As we left the house there were only a few flurries in the air and the roads were completely dry.  Within two miles the snow was heavy and the roads were covered. And so were we.  Mike was sporting some impressive frosty eyebrows which I thought captured the essence of our experience.  He told me I was, too.


Undaunted, we continued.


The roads got more slick.  But we traveled on what we felt were the least treacherous paths.  By the last two miles of the run the snow was coming down in big, fluffy flakes and everything was silent except for the squeak of our shoes on the snow. It was truly gorgeous.  We congratulated ourselves on persevering and thought about our upcoming reward of running in flat, warmer Houston.  We think we will have earned it.

How is your winter going?








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