Favorite Summer Drinks-Friday Five

This is my first time participating in The Friday Five.  I’ve enjoyed reading other bloggers’ posts for a while and decided to jump in today after being inspired by Tara at Running’N’Reading.  She has linked up with Courtney of Eat Pray Run DC, Cynthia of You Signed Up For What?!?, and Mar of Mar on the Run today to discuss today’s Friday Five theme- favorite summer drinks.

So here are my five favorite summer drinks.

Water is definitely my go-to drink anytime of the year but especially in the summer.  This new water bottle from S’Well is pretty much life-changing!


Aroma Joe’s Iced Coffee! Alas, for most of the world, this amazing beverage is not available to you.  However, we are lucky enough to have an incredible small local coffee company that makes the BEST iced coffee.  The baristas are so amazing that they always remember our order and make it perfectly every time. If you live or are vacationing in the NH/Maine Seacoast area you should definitely stop by one of their locations to experience their fabulous beverages for yourself.


White wine      IMG_5122

Although I generally prefer red wine, a glass of white wine is more appealing on a steamy summer day.  Luckily for me, we still have a partial case in our wine cellar (well, it’s wine that we keep in the cellar) left from Amelia and Matt’s wedding.  I think this glass that we got when we did the 13.Wine Half Marathon in Baroda, Michigan is one of our favorite race swag items.

Tea is my mainstay drink in the morning.  Unless it’s really hot, I love a cup (or more) of tea every morning.


Having my tea in this mug from Red Drum Pottery reminds me of our terrific trip to the Outer Banks two years ago.

And finally, a Black and White Milk Shake is my favorite ice cream indulgence.

What are your favorite summertime beverages?

Do you have a terrific local coffee shop or ice cream stand?

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