May-Try Something New

My “Try Something New for 30 Days” choice for the month of May was not as tasty as January,  as exciting as February, as creative as March, or as emotional as April.  Although this was not my original intent, it ended up being a month of living by catch phrases.

When I began this plan in January I resisted the idea of using this goal for self-improvement (although there were a myriad of very possible options if I had taken that route).  I wanted to expand my horizons, not just fix what was lacking. But by May, my desire to try to “raise the bar” in the way I was living my life became strong enough that it was time to tackle this new challenge.  Initially, I mentally imagined it as a month of being perfect.  Not perfect perfect, but just better.  Here is where the catch phrases entered the picture.

Just do it” became my mantra.  Just pick up the clutter.  Just vacuum the floor.  Just fold the laundry. Just do preparations for tomorrow morning -right now.  I am an experienced procrastinator, so trying this new strategy was a significant change.  And I liked it!

Being There” is one of our favorite Peter Sellers movies.  It is a bit of an obscure movie but we love it. This phrase helped me remain focused in the present.  I tried to “be there” more with less being everywhere.  No more checking my phone as I waited in line.  Eliminate multi-tasking and just be there, experience the moment, observe my surroundings.  It was liberating.

“Let it go also entered my month-long endeavor but not in the way the popular song (sung by every 4 year old girl I know) urges. My version was more like “Don’t let it go”.  Tumbleweeds of St. Bernard fur wafting across the  floor – don’t let it go. A glass on the counter-Don’t let it go. A phone call to return?  A letter to mail? –Don’t let it go.

Someone suggested  this plan sounded exhausting when I mentioned my proposed idea for May. It did take more effort and energy but I truly found that  I liked how it made me feel.  I was more content when I glanced around my surroundings when I didn’t find small points of irritation.  It took more work but the reward was worth it. I’m sure that for many people this idea is not revolutionary because they are already living life in this manner. But for me, expanding my expectations to create a life that felt more organized, less cluttered, and more present felt…perfect.



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