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We traveled to Maryland in May 2012 to attend our nephew’s graduation from the Naval Academy.  As you would expect, the ceremony was dignified and filled with tradition and pomp.

The Blue Angels flew over the stadium in breath-taking formation.
The ceremony included the traditional tossing of the caps.

We were able to fit in a race during the weekend festivities. After perusing several options, we settled on the Mission Possible 5K in Reisterstown, MD.  The timing, location, and cause (which supported mission work) were perfect.

Mike and I traveled to the race early on a hot and humid morning.

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Our early arrival allowed us to take a few photos before the race started.

The course was an out and back route that traveled along a quiet, shady country road. The first portion of the course was a lovely down hill which was (of course) followed by a wicked up hill climb.

We finished the race and enjoyed the awards ceremony that followed.


We were surprised when they announced that we were the people who had traveled the farthest for the race. The fact that we had traveled the farthest was not a surprise to us.  The fact that they announced it was.  When they called us up to receive a prize, we mentioned our quest and the fact that we had chosen their race for our Maryland race.  Little did we realize that we would become mini-celebrities.

Almost immediately people approached us to talk to us about our adventure of trying to run a race in every state.  We were overwhelmed by the kindness and interest that people were paying us.  After quite a few enthusiastic conversations we walked to our car to head out, as we happily exclaimed to each other about how amazing the reception had been.  Even as we were literally driving out of the parking lot people continued to approach us to wish us good luck and to congratulate us on our quest.


The kindness and support that was offered to us at this race was truly phenomenal.  We were honored to have such interest in our quest and we were so pleased that we had chosen this race and cause for our Maryland race.

Date Run: May 28, 2012

Quest Race #: 8

State: Maryland

The Bottom Line: The Mission Possible 5K was a well organized race that offered an exceptionally welcoming atmosphere.  The race website indicates that this year’s race, held on Memorial Day, will also feature a 1 mile color fun run!

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