A Week in Pictures

Even though I’ve run past this spot probably a hundred times, I was suddenly stopped in my tracks  by the combination of trees and lighting.




On Tuesday, Hannah and I went to Boston and happened to arrive just when the Veteran’s Day parade was taking place.  These photos don’t convey the pride and enthusiasm that was present.


The two small boys holding flags eagerly called out, “Thank you!!” to every passing marcher.  It was priceless.


My lovely warm(ish) runs came to an end this week when the weather became frosty.


Although I loved the stunning foliage this fall, I am enthralled (my family may say, “obsessed”) with silhouettes of trees.


One morning this week I woke up to snow.  The roads were only wet but the landscape had been transformed.


This is the same location as the first photo in this post.


The ice was really emerging in the marsh when Mike and I did our really early Saturday morning run.



I scheduled myblood donation after our weekly long run.

I scheduled my blood donation appointment for after our weekly long run.

Hannah was a natural at driving the tractor we rented to move our compost (AKA manure) pile.


I put in my time on the tractor as well.  I think I want one for Christmas!


Bentley adores this frosty weather.


But he was happy to snuggle up later that evening.



Nature truly provides the most spectacular visions.


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